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Chloe and Dick - IM - Jan 6th

Yeah this sounds like LJ marketing (shout out to product placement Pete!) but it's the only scene Dick was ever a part of so I'm posting.

x loneflyer x: hi chloe.

Metro Blye: Hey Dick

x loneflyer x: i was wondering if you had a few minutes or something? if you don't that's fine i just think i need your help

Metro Blye: Sure, what do you need help with?

x loneflyer x: hey thanks! i'll owe you one. well see i got my phone bill this morning and it's not exactly good news. most of it was calls back home. anyway i was thinking about ways to cut it down and you mentioned a few days ago about something online? a journal or something that anyone could see?

x loneflyer x: i was thinking i could use something like that to keep a few people updated?

Metro Blye: Yeah, livejournal. It's well, a journal heh and you can update daily or whenever you feel like. Go to and register.

x loneflyer x: register? do i need to pay anything?

Metro Blye: Nope, it's all free.

x loneflyer x: oh! cool! and its not some crazy internet cult is it? i read somewhere they sometimes do stuff like this. i won't be signing my soul away to al-jimumba or anything, right?

Metro Blye: Yeah, but you only have to pay after you die so really, no worries about that for now.

x loneflyer x: wow, really?

Metro Blye: No, not really, it was a joke.

x loneflyer x: oh. right yea. haha! good one. yea. ok ok. ohh this looks simple! now are you sure i'm not joining a cult or anything? i'm too lazy to read the agreement thingy.

x loneflyer x: ohh who cares?

x loneflyer x: ok! i'm all signed up!

Metro Blye: I don't think anyone ever read agreements. I know I didn't. Okay what's your screename?

x loneflyer x: username.. _flyalone_ I think...

Metro Blye: Okay I'll friend you

Metro Blye: anyway you see your userinfo?

x loneflyer x: you'll friend me? not even coffee first? and yea, i think so..

Metro Blye: Your livejournal, I'll explain.

Metro Blye: You see anythign that looks like a pencil?

x loneflyer x: that's a pencil?!

Metro Blye: A blue thing that looks like a pencil? Yeah.

x loneflyer x: yep, i got it.

Metro Blye: That's where you click to update your journal

x loneflyer x: so that's what i click when i want to write a message?

Metro Blye: Yep.

x loneflyer x: ok great! and can anyone see what i write or only people i want to see it?

Metro Blye: On the screen you'll write your post, at the bottom there is the filters tool, you have "Public", anyone can see , "Friends" only people you have added as friends (they need to have LJs too) can see, and "Private", only you can see.

x loneflyer x: LJs? oh! Live Journals! i'm down with the lingo already!

Metro Blye: LOL catching up fast.

x loneflyer x: you probably think i'm really slow or something. maybe i should start with computer lessons or something.

Metro Blye: Trust me, I really dont. I've been friends with Clark for over 5 years. You're not slow.

x loneflyer x: you mean to tell me someone else is as dense as i am when it comes to this sort of stuff?

Metro Blye: Not so much "as" as "more". You haven't met Clark yet, right?

x loneflyer x: i don't think so. and that's great! we should form a club or something...

x loneflyer x: hey! it works!

Metro Blye: You posted?

x loneflyer x: yea i think so!

Metro Blye: Let me go look

Metro Blye: I replied to your post

x loneflyer x: ohh what does that mean?

Metro Blye: There is a comment option under your post

Metro Blye: anyone can reply to your post so, I did.

x loneflyer x: oh i see. cool!

Metro Blye: Yeah so you can tell your friends and people from Gotham to reply to you and tell you how things are there aswell.

x loneflyer x: ohh i like that. awesome thank you!

Metro Blye: No problem!

Metro Blye: Anything else you wanna know?

x loneflyer x: i don't think so. i'll probably be annoying you all the time though.

Metro Blye: That's fine, if there is something I don't know how to explain, we'll just go to the labs at Uni and do it there,

x loneflyer x: sounds like a plan! thanks a lot. i don't think i ever used a computer until starting uni and whole thing unnerves me. between the crashes and the viruses and the keyboards thrown against the walls..

Metro Blye: I don't think i could live far from one. Back in Smallville we never had much to do, computers saved my life. But don't worry, you'll get used to them in no time.

x loneflyer x: didn't you guys like tip cows or something?

Metro Blye: Never did that, Clark and the others probably did though.

x loneflyer x: i always figured that'd that's all there would be to do up there.

Metro Blye: Aside from the meteors and the freaks? That and teh gossip would be all.

x loneflyer x: it's amazing you guys had anything to gossip about

Metro Blye: Normally there wasn't much, that's why people started getting creative.

x loneflyer x: Sounds like fun.

Metro Blye: It usually was, unless you were the topic. That's never cool.

x loneflyer x: oh and were you ever the topic?

Metro Blye: Well, other than the usual "Chloe Sullivan is weird" because I didn't dress in beige or jeans and was actually from Metropolis, which made me weird by default, just a few times.

x loneflyer x: and 'cause you didn't tip cows.

Metro Blye: Oh of course, there is always that.

x loneflyer x: funnily enough i don't think i ever seen a cow in person before...

Metro Blye: A description? They smell.

Metro Blye: A lot.

x loneflyer x: sounds a lot like the people in Gotham

Metro Blye: I have never been to Gotham

x loneflyer x: oh you have to go! when you see it you will never complain about smallville again.

Metro Blye: C'mon Dick. At least you have that Vigilante guy around now. And there is always Bruce Wayne. That alone makes it more interesting than Smallville.

x loneflyer x: smallville had its own millionaire playboy if i recall correctly? and as for the vigilante well.. yea he's cool. it's gonna take more than one guy to clean that place up though.

Metro Blye: Yeah but I know a lot about Lex now, Wayne is still a big mystery, for now anyway.

x loneflyer x: for now? planning something?

Metro Blye: Yes actually. Lex arranged a meeting for me on the 17th, I'll try to get an interview.

x loneflyer x: oh? big expose in the works? the man seems to like his privacy.

Metro Blye: Hence the 'try'. Apparently Lex set it up as a date, killing him for it is on my to-do list.

Metro Blye: But I'll be bugging you for information on Gotham until then, I need to be sharp if I manage to get him to go on record.

x loneflyer x: you'll have every woman in gotham after you if they find out your on a date with our city's most eligible bachelor .. after me, of course

x loneflyer x: and sure feel free to bug me at any time. i have no

x loneflyer x: thing else to be doing anyway.

x loneflyer x: stupid keyboard. this is why so many end up thrown against a wall!

Metro Blye: Deep breaths, they always work.

x loneflyer x: deep breaths aren't part of the devilish looks and roguish charm, chloe.

Metro Blye: And it's not a date, not really. Lex talked Wayne into it because he owns me one and probably knew his friend wouldn't agree to meet me if he knew it was an interview. I doubt Lex ever mentioned I'm a reporter, he probably thinks I'm a airheaded gold-digger.

Metro Blye: Oh of course not, sorry Dick, my bad.

x loneflyer x: don't worry, you're forgiven.

x loneflyer x: and nah i don't think you could pull off airheaded.

Metro Blye: Yeah don't think so either, I talk too much. But Wayne doesn't know that yet...

x loneflyer x: I'm sure he'll be pleasantly surprised.

Metro Blye: Thanks, lets hope it'll be pleasant enough for him to give me the exclusive.

Metro Blye: So tell me about Gotham.

x loneflyer x: it's dark. very very dark.

Metro Blye: But not all of the town can be bad, right?

x loneflyer x: you've never been to gotham. the whole place is just bad.

x loneflyer x: people get stuck in there it's like a rut.

Metro Blye: But I have seen people speaking good things about Gotham, I even even Bruce Wayne himself said something...

x loneflyer x: bruce is like a bazillionaire. he's going to see a very different gotham to the rest of us.

Metro Blye: Maybe, but he seemed like a down to earth guy from what I read. And you'd be surprised how much worst than ours rich people's lives can be...

x loneflyer x: ohh i don't doubt bruce might not have his problems. deciding what one of his 4 million dollar cars to drive to whatever socialite party he's going to each night must be hell.. but i'm just saying his gotham wasn't my gotham.

Metro Blye: They don't have problems with money, that's true but they have more personal/trust issues than the average person would. What was your Gotham like?

x loneflyer x: it's hard to describe to someone who hasn't been there.. you can't really get full effect. people just.. they're not even living. they're surviving. and what's worse is they're surviving off the misfortunes of those around them..

Metro Blye: It really is odd hearing you describe it, I had no idea it was anything like that... Dark is what I always hear, and cold, but from what you're saying that's not the way people were describing the city, but its inhabitants?

x loneflyer x: yea. don't get me wrong, there are people there who mean everything to me it's just that well in a place like that people can't help themselves.

Metro Blye: Probably because I have never been there, it's hard for me to imagine an entire city to be like that.

x loneflyer x: ohhh yea it's something you gotta see to believe.

Metro Blye: And what about that Vigilante guy? What do you think about him?

x loneflyer x: well it's about time someone did something there. i don't know how much difference one man can make but it has to be for the better.

Metro Blye: So you do believe he is there to make things better? Because many people on papers keep saying he is one of the bad guys.

x loneflyer x: nah. in gotham bad guys look too much like regular guys.

Metro Blye: So if enough people believe in him, maybe he will, eventually, make a difference.

x loneflyer x: never said that. but there's no harm in trying.

Metro Blye: Nope, not harm.

x loneflyer x: and if he does turn out to be one of the bad guys well then.. at least people will be able to recognize him.

x loneflyer x: which is more than can be said for the current breed

Metro Blye: Oh yeah, that's for sure. What is he dressed as anyway? A vampire?

x loneflyer x: i thought it was a cat. vampire sounds better though.

x loneflyer x: it's probably a vampire more than a cat..

Metro Blye: Yeah because I think he has a cape... Cats don't usually have capes.

x loneflyer x: doesn't he have big ears or something too?

Metro Blye: You know I could never get a good look at him, but I think so. And vampires don't have big ears...

x loneflyer x: maybe he's a cat vampire?

Metro Blye: Or maybe it's not cat ears... Could be bunny ears. Or a mouse.

x loneflyer x: dude how cool would a mickey mouse vigilante be?

Metro Blye: But Mickey's ears are round
x loneflyer x: maybe its like a wizard of oz flying monkey reference or something?

Metro Blye: Oh that's a scary thought

x loneflyer x: fighting crime for toto!

Metro Blye: Could be dog ears!

x loneflyer x: ohh? like he could be a detective dog? what are those called again?

Metro Blye: Those dogs have a special name?

x loneflyer x: yea! like detective dog.. only more "official"

Metro Blye: The only one I know was called K9 and was from a bad 90's movie.

x loneflyer x: you didn't like k9?!

Metro Blye: It's not too bad

Metro Blye: But there are only so many times you can watch it.

x loneflyer x: no way, man! it was my childhood institution!

Metro Blye: And Pete's. I don't know how that tape still worked.

x loneflyer x: divine intervention. the movie is that good!

Metro Blye: You're pushing it too far now, Dick...

x loneflyer x: that's it! you are so coming over to my place tomorrow and i am making you watch the movie again!

Metro Blye: I think i'll pass.

Metro Blye: I'm pretty sure my sanity can't take that much.

x loneflyer x: sanity? you talk of sanity after dissing k9?!

Metro Blye: You didn't even watch dead poet society, that is a classic.

x loneflyer x: underground societies don't come close to dog partners.

Metro Blye: They're a lot more intriguing.

x loneflyer x: pfft, says you.

Metro Blye: It's the truth!

x loneflyer x: Chloe, you're a reporter. truth is relative.

Metro Blye: Not if you have facts to back it up.

x loneflyer x: and what are your facts, miss sullivan?

Metro Blye: That success of both movies between experts on that area, Mr. Grayson.

x loneflyer x: experts! ha!

x loneflyer x: pssh, i can't handle this defamation of the classics i'm off.

x loneflyer x: thanks for the lj (see? terms again!) help again.

Metro Blye: No problem, see ya at class and we'll finish this discussion.

x loneflyer x: you can bet on it!
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