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Lex Luthor got an IM last week from a person only known as Enmund0802. Enmund didn't identify him or herself, they just let Lex know that they were in posession of a taped conversation between some of the officers of the MPD.

Later that week, Lex got another IM:

enmund0802: Do you believe that the death of your father was the opening shot to a war?
Segeeth1982: do you believe I give strangers an interview when I don't even give one to the planet?
enmund0802: I don't believe that I'll be rushing to any paper to have any of this published.
Segeeth1982: what do you want in exchange for the audio files?
enmund0802: Audio file. I'm only offering one at this point.
Segeeth1982: this isn't a flea-market. I'm not going to buy into snippets. What do you want for full disclosure
enmund0802: Sadly, I only have one to offer right now. It's all you're getting.
Segeeth1982: and what is your price?
enmund0802: Right now, nothing.
Segeeth1982: I don't believe in altruism
Segeeth1982: name your price and don't try to fool me
enmund0802: I understand that cloak and dagger doesn't exactly inspire trust, but at this point, you can either trust in the fact that I want nothing for this tape or you can live without them.
Segeeth1982: what makes you think I depend on you to get those tapes?
enmund0802: Because I know for a fact that I am the only one with them.
Segeeth1982: *smirk*
Segeeth1982: I hardly believe that offical tapes pertaining to a case are kept within the hold of one person only
enmund0802: I don't believe it's MPD protocol to actually tape conversations between officals.
Segeeth1982: touche
Segeeth1982: so you want me to believe that you managed to tape a private conversation between two officials of the MPD?
enmund0802: Three actually. And yes, it's amazing what technology can do now.
Segeeth1982: and on top of that, you managed to do it without them being aware of it? I'm impressed
enmund0802: Thank you.
Segeeth1982: I wonder, though why would you betray the trust of these officials, twice over?
enmund0802: Wondering at my motives will get you nowhere.
Segeeth1982: where is it supposed to get me, I just want to know who I am dealing with
Segeeth1982: since you don't want money or a favor, it puts me at a bit of a disadvantage
enmund0802: Let's just consider the first tape as a gift. I don't want you to feel put out.
Segeeth1982: your style makes me suspect you're a reporter, which doesn't exactly put you in a category I want to work with
enmund0802: Reporters are interesting people.
Segeeth1982: concern for my person? Well that rules out everyone I ever slept with
enmund0802: I don't believe we've slept together. Some years are a blur though, I admit.
Segeeth1982: one should never condone or accept lapses in memory, it might be used against you at a later date
enmund0802: Why thank you for the advise. I'll be sure to put it into my quote book along with the teachings of Emmerson and Confucius.
Segeeth1982: you'll gain from it, I’m positive
enmund0802: I suppose I will.
Segeeth1982: so you want me to gain information on the murder of my father, can I expect the tape to be delivered then?
enmund0802: If you'd still like to hear it, I'm at your disposal to how you want to receive it.
Segeeth1982: that is a highly generous offer
enmund0802: I am nothing if not generous.
Segeeth1982: *smirk* tomorrow afternoon, leave it on the front desk with the security at LexCorp towers 9 am
enmund0802: It'll be left. I'm afraid I will be unable to leave it.
Segeeth1982: of course, I hadn't expected anything else
Segeeth1982: is that all or do you have any more generous offers to make?
enmund0802: Segeeth1982: *smirk* tomorrow morning, leave it on the front desk with the security at LexCorp towers 9 am
No, I believe we are finished here. I'm sure we'll speak again.
enmund0802: Excuse me for the pasting.
Segeeth1982: it's excused
enmund0802: Again, thank you. It is appreciated.
Segeeth1982: I'm sure it is
enmund0802: Have a very nice day, Mr. Luthor.
Segeeth1982: likewise

As was offered a tape was delivered with the general Lex Corp mail this morning, addressed to the attention of Lex Luthor.

(Brown, Matthew): ...secondary crime scene?

(Smith, Tamara): Splatter patterns, distance of shot, the spray of blood -

(Montoya, Sonya): (cuts off) There was no spray.

S: Exactly.

B: Luthor Corp was the secondary crime scene then. It seemed weird to me anyway.

M: Details on the weird, Brown. Descriptions, please.

B: (pause) Smell.

M: Smell.

B: Yeah. I mean (coughing in the background) you walk into a crime scene at least six hours old and there’s no smell? No blood or burned gun powder smell lingering? That shit lingers especially when locked up in an office like Luthor’s was.

M: (pause) Yeah. Tamara, you’ve covered Luthor’s clothes for fiber samples, right?

(Silence, sounds of people in the background)

M: I suppose so.

S: (dryly) Because I’ve missed that before.

M: Just covering bases. Junior is adamant.

S: Of course he is. I have forensics grabbing the security tapes.

M: We had Lake give a fast forward through them and he didn’t see anyone exit or enter Luthor’s office after the secretary left.

B: Private elevator?

M: (mutters) Gotta ask Junior who has access.

S: Just so we’re clear, the killer, killers, whoever abducted Luthor -

M: (cuts off) Or he went willingly.

S: Or he went willingly, got shot and then was brought back to his office.

B: Preliminary forensics sure about that?

S: Not one with the statistics but I’d say about seventy percent. I’ll know more after the autopsy.

M: I’m not releasing those details. If the public knows and we ever find the primary, chances are it’ll be compromised beyond belief.

B: What do we tell the younger?

M: Sketch details. Same as we’re releasing.

S: He on the list?

M: At the top. What do you take me for?

(Silence, sounds of people moving in the background)

M: Yeah, don’t answer that.

B: (clearing throat noise) Who needs to be talked to?

M: Janitor, security, patrol who answered the call -

S: (cuts off) Chief McCulay.

M: (pause) There’s always him.

B: (quietly) so you think the rumor’s true?

M: Rumors?

B: McCulay, Luthor’s back pocket.

M: If it is, he’s pissing himself now.

S: Where’s he at on the lis?

M: Top ten.

S: How many are there?

M: Thousands, I guess.

B: Luthor was a (garbled)

(Tape Ends 10:51pm)
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