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Scene - Chloe/Wally - Jan 2nd - PG/PG-13

Just before christmas Wally had promised to go over to the Sulliane household and cook dinner for the cousins who, apparently, can't cook for their lives. Wally, self proclaimed amazing chef, didn't make it on the 23rd as planned, but he went over just after new years.

So, it had been ten minutes to four o' clock, and Wally completely stopped what he had been doing. He'd have been late, if he didn't know what he was doing, and if he wasn't, you know, super powered. If that was a verb. Well, Wally's major wasn't English. Ha ha, no, sometimes he could get Clark to do his homework. A little convincing on the side. Guy could be such a pushover.

He zoomed his way to the store, picked up the supplies needed from the lovely little gourmet Italian store around the corner (maybe a few miles away, really), and made his way to Chloe's. Rung the bell, and leaned against the wall, whistling cheerfully. Okay, so maybe he was a minute late, but hopefully she wasn't so strict about that sort of thing, right? Riiiiight.

Chloe looked up when the bell rang, her eyes immediately went down to her Laptop's clock. 4:07. It just couldn't be Wally, he was almost on time. Shrugging, she saved the document she had been working on, closed her laptop and headed towards the door, just making a quick stop to make sure her hair wasn't too bad, it was just Wally but it never hurt to look at least OK. After a nod to her reflection, she finally reached the door and opened it, It really was Wally.

"Hey!" She said with a smile, "You're only seven minutes late, should I be worried?" Chloe took a step to the side and opened the door wider, making room for him to come in.

"Seven minutes?" Wally looked mockingly shocked, placing his hand to his cheek and gasping. "Oh goodness me, and here I did my best to be disturbingly late and with you complaining what a horrible friend I am!"

Yes. Laugh now. Thank you.

Wally stepped inside, then turned around to make a grand bow. "But, here I am! All prepared to make poor Ms. Sullivan some real food. Enough for both of us, I hope."

She grinned at him and shut the door before turning back to him with a mock serious look and liking her arm through his as she dragged him to the kitchen, "Well Mr. West I am a lady, I'm sure the food will be enough for me." She unlinked her arm and leaned a little closer as if she were about to tell him a secret, "Besides there are brownies and ice cream for desert, we shouldn't eat too much."

Chloe continued her way to the kitchen and only when she got there she turned around and noticed Wally was carrying groceries and frowned. "You bought everything? You shouldn't have Wally."

"Well, Chloe, they say the way to love is through a lady's stomach," he commented with a broad grin, letting her lead the way to the kitchen. Wally placed the bag onto the counter, then laughed at her comment of 'don't eat too much!' -- ah, well, he certainly had an appetite to fill, frankly. She might find herself about 70% less of groceries.

"Ahhh, it was no problem, really." Wally smirked faintly. "Figured it'd be easier if I just came with the goodies so I could get started. Am I perfectly capable of impressing you yet?"

Chloe shook her head, "We could at least have split it." She started to look around the kitchen for pans they would need until Wally spoke again; stopping, Chloe turned around grinning at him, "Impressing me? West you're gonna have to work a LOT harder then this..." With a smirk she went to the fridge and opened it, "Ok, what will you need?"

"No skin off my back to treat you a little bit, Chloe," he assured with a grin. Wally rubbed his hands for a moment before helping himself to some pots and pans. "Just grab me some butter, vegetable oil, and maybe some cheese. You got sharp mozzarella?" He also searched the kitchen for a cutting board.

Well, all right; he was excited to do some cooking for the gal, plus he was pretty damned hungry himself.

Chloe scanned the refrigerator for what Wally had asked her and could only find the butter, she knew where the oil was but mozzarella? "Wally? We have some cheese here. Don't expect me to know which kind it is." She placed both over the sink and went to grab the oil. After placing it with the rest of the stuff she noticed he was looking around, "What do you want?"

"Not the picky type, are you?" he mused, turning around to look at her. "Eh, then we'll just use what you have! No problem. You have a cheese grater? And how about a cutting board? I don't usually have the time to explore the wonders of Ms. Sullivan's kitchen, you know." Ever-smiling, Wally did go about setting up for the frying pan and a pot of water for the linguini. "Oh yeah! Do you have tomatoes?"

Chloe shrugged and smiled, "Lois was the one to buy groceries last time." She got him the utensils Wally had asked for as well as the (very few) tomatoes that was stocked in the fridge, "And I'm pretty sure this kitchen is anything but an exciting place to explore."

She started at what he was doing for a second, wondering why and how had Wallace West learned how to cook, "Anything else I can get you? You have to tell me because as you can see, I’m completely clueless."

Oh ho ho. It was a dear secret of how someone like Wally could cook. After all, it wasn't exactly one of Pete's number one skills. Could one expect a MAN to cook? Especially the ever-so-lazy West boy. "Not a problem. I think this should do! And now..." He pulled a gourmet chef's hat out of his plastic bag and placed it atop his head. "Watch in awe as I cook for you." With a bit of a dopey grin, he found the butcher's knife and went about chopping up the chicken cutlets he had gotten, and preparing to fry the pieces in the frying pan.

"So! What was it... last week, you saw Lana, right? How is she? I don't usually really ask Clark much about her. But I don't think he's seen her in awhile, either."
With a grin at him, Chloe hopped up on the side of the table Wally wasn't using and decided that it'd be better to sit back and watch without any interruptions while Wally was holding the knife. "Watching in awe, Mr. West." She nodded her head to him and grinned again before leaning back and supporting her weight on her hands.

"She is fine, I can't believe how much she's changed. So much more mature, I was actually impressed and Clark and her met two nights ago here. There was some awkwardness but I think they're ok now."

Setting some chopped tomatoes aside in a bowl, he went about frying up the chicken and preparing the sauce. Amazing how he managed to keep his attention on three things at the stove while Chloe talked to him, especially since he might as well have been ADHD Man, with the power to have the attention span of a goldfish! "Hey, that's always good news. I'd like to see her sometime, too!" Wally grinned. "I usually have the time. Fortunately, Clark's crappy schedule doesn't effect mine."

"I'll introduce you sometime. Since she goes to MCC, her schedule seems to be different from ours so I have no idea when she's free so... But I'll ask her." Chloe kept her eyes on Wally's hand and he was fast. She was pretty sure if it were her doing it, more than half the ingredients would be on the floor by now.

"Where did you learn to do that, Wally?"

"Great! I'd love to meet her!" She was probably pretty cute, too, no doubt. At least, in Wally's head. Everyone was attractive -- tee-hee. "Did you mention me? And hopefully only good things, if you did." And everything about Wally was good, no doubt. ... Right?

"Huh? This?" Wally grinned sheepishly. "Aw, well... my aunt taught me a bit since I hit my growth spurt. Since then, she says I have this high metabo, so I started cooking for myself. Plus, my parents didn't cook a whole lot, so..."

"Ooh so she taught you so she wouldn't have to cook herself? Very smart move. I'll remember that if I ever decide to have kids." She adjusted her position on the table; her arms were starting to hurt.

"Of course, Wally. I talked about you the entire time! How could I not? I mean there can't be a better topic right?" She said with a grin. Wally was a very sweet guy but he could be so self-centered.

"Well, I wouldn't stop being hungry, so Uncle Barry told her to just teach me how to cook." Wally grinned, looking a bit fond of the memory. It'd always been that way whenever he thought of his late uncle. "But yeah, it keeps the kids from whining to know when dinner's ready -- they can just do it themselves that way, right?" He turned off the burner under the chicken, and went to pay attention to the fettuccini Alfredo sauce and linguini.

"Oh, I'm glad you see how I feel, Chloe." But he laughed, recognizing her sarcasm. "So she has this all-wonderful impression of me and no doubt wants to meet me as soon as possible, am I right?"

Chloe smiled at how Wally spoke of his uncle, it was rare to see him being anything but hyper and very happy, even if for a brief moment, "I might have a bit of a problem with the teaching though. Dad always ordered take-outs and when he tried to cook... Lets just say the fire department was very familiar with out residence." She grinned and then nodded at him.

"She already told me she knows you are IT for her. That as soon as you two meet there will be music and flowers and possibly little birds singing."

"Oh man, do I know that feeling. I used to not be able to boil water without causing a natural disaster." Wally turned off the stove completely, looking and snagging the strainer to place into the sink before pouring the linguini into it. "Well, then, you just call up your ol' pal, Wally West, and I'll zip right over to teach the wee little Chloes." Oh, but imagining Chloe Sullivan having children? A bit scary.

"And we'll run to each other in slow motion and there'll be close-ups of our smiling faces -- yeah yeah, I get it." Wally strained the pasta, then placed it back into the pot before he went about mixing it with the sauce and chicken. He then sprinkled the bits of raw tomato, and then turned to give a bow, taking off the ridiculous chef hat. "And voila! Serve yourself as you'd like, Madam Sullivan. Ladies first."

Noticing that Wally had started to turn off the burners on the oven, Chloe hopped off the table and started to set it up so they could eat, "Yeah I really rather not even think of having kids." She suppressed a shudder and pushed away the thought that terrified her, for quite a few reasons, mostly connected to her own mother.

Setting a bottle of wine on the table, Chloe turned around just in time to watch Wally bow, hat in hand and announce dinner was ready, she couldn't help but laugh at him. She picked up the pot and placed it on the center of the table before taking a seat and motioning for Wally to do the same, "At least good wine we have. Lois can't live without it." She served both of them, "It looks great and it smells even better Wally. I must say I'm impressed."

Oh, but Wally could entirely relate. In spite of the fact that he did love to flirt, it wasn't his interest to have children. Must love parental problems indeed.

Shoving the hat back into the plastic bag first, Wally went to join her at the table. "Yeah, I thought I could impress you soon enough. Didn't take too long." He smirked at her -- ego boost, ego boost! -- and took his seat. "Wine? Oh, how romantic." He merely winked and grinned at that. "What's Lois been up to, anyway? I haven't talked to her since last week, and that was on the computer, anyway."

"Yeah, sorry we don't have candles." She said rolling her eyes and grinning at him. By the look on his face she could tell the compliment she made was completely taken by him and she could practically see his ego filling the room; but he was being nice and the food actually looked good so she decided not to comment on that.

Taking a bite of her fettuccini Chloe confirmed her theory, "I don't know if this will kill me later, but it actually tastes very good." Another compliment and that was enough for the night, you had to be cautions with Wally. Taking a sip of the wine she continued, "Lois is good, I was talking to her when you arrived and she seemed rather annoyed with her supervisor. She hates the guy."

"Don't worry about it. You'd probably need some fancy violin music in the background and to eat by a lake to complete the scenario," Wally commented, snickering behind a hand. His plate was filled, as he made sure to have enough portions for himself that would look reasonably human-like while keeping him from feeling too tired.

"Oh, the worst you might get is food poisoning, and it wouldn't be entirely my fault." He chuckled, shaking his head. "But, I've been cooking since I was eleven, so it should be pretty damned good, y'know." Shook his fork at her to make his point, then continued to eat with reasonable amount of manners. "Supervisor? That bad? But then, Lois isn't exactly too easy to get along with sometimes, too." A joke, really! Don't tell her he said that.

"How would the food poisoning not be your fault? You cooked, you take responsibility mister." She said in a mock serious voice before shaking her head and grinning, "I gave you enough compliments for one evening, Wally. Stop fishing for more." Chloe battled his fork away with her own before using it to take another bite of the pasta.

Chloe laughed, "So I heard from many people. I guess I'm used to how she behaves." she said with a shrug, "Aside from the fact that she is even messier than I am so our apartment often looks like it has been hit by a twister, we get along pretty well."

"Awww, but Chloe. It's just so nice to hear compliments from you." Wally stuck out his bottom lip, attempting to look pathetically cute. It was a matter of opinion, though. Well, it worked on Clark half the time! Pouting Wally was here. Pouting. Pout pout.

"Well, I haven't really known her for very long, so of course you and Clark and everyone but me is used to her." Wally grinned. "But she's got serious attitude, and I like that in her. But I like your spunk more." Yes, Chloe, he said you were spunky. In a good way!

As the pout started to form on Wally's bottom lip, Chloe couldn't help but laugh again, "Don't even bother West. As cute as it might be, I've lived with Clark long enough to recognize that look. It has lost its effect on me a long time ago." She leaned forward a bit and half whispered, "I think Clark overused it."

"My spunk? Since you said you liked it, I'll take it as a compliment so thank you." She smiled and drank some of her wine, being complimented always made her slightly uncomfortable for no particular reason so she changed the subject, "But Lois isn't as serious as she looks, she has, and don't tell her I told you this, a goofy side underneath all that."
"Aw, man. Clark ruins all the good tricks." Wally gave an overly done sigh, pouting more. "For shame on him."

Half done already with his plate -- hungry as a horse, and hungrier still with Wally -- he took a few gulps of the wine (it wasn't so bad at all -- Lane had good taste). "Ahh, it's my belief everyone has that silly side in them. I'll see it in her sometime." He grinned. "But we'll keep it a secret, you an' me." Wally shrugged. "So... how's that guy you went out with awhile ago? Some foreign guy, wasn't it?" Nah, he hadn't a clue who it was.

"Probably sometime when she's drunk." Chloe grinned back before shrugging, "It was just one date, I should know better than to date anyone with a sports major. He had no brain." She hid her smirk behind her glass of wine.

"Aw, being drunk doesn't count." Wally held up his fork. "No way. I wanna see her NATURALLY goofy." If that was, you know, natural of her. To be goofy, anyway. "Oh, but I guess it was because he was 'one totally buff hottie', huh?" His grin suggested that he was just teasing her. "But y'know, I'm cute and I'm free." Hint hint. Watch the charming West grin!

Snickering as she finished her wine, Chloe nodded, "He was exactly that, it's really too bad I need people to have brains. Well maybe not as bad because people like that are always self-centered and that is never good for women." She grinned at him, "If you keep cooking like this, that might be a very bad idea. Of course I'm sure you're only doing that because we aren't dating." She said as she poured more wine on her cup.

"Aww, but I cook for myself all the time! And sometimes for Pete and Clark, when I feel like it." Which usually entailed in 'chore exchange', because Wally never liked doing dishes or anything else around the place for them. Poor souls, how could they deal with rooming with such a guy like him? "Are you sure? You're missing out on me." Wally would have pouted again, but he already learned that didn't work. Sigh. He would just have to keep trying, then.

"It'd actually be a problem then, I'd eat too much! If there is no good food, I just drink coffee." She shrugged and tried to avoid thinking of the few hundreds of times she had been lecture about her eating habits. Not by her dad but by Lois, Clark, Martha and even Pete. "And besides you're pouting again, so yeah, I'm sure." She grinned at him and leaned back against her chair.

He'd sniffle and such, but Wally never majored in drama. So, instead, he made his pout bigger, poking a piece of chicken in his Alfredo. "Oh, well, I see..." But as it would seem, it was no big deal, for he grinned and shrugged, finishing his plateful and his glass of wine. He wasn't sure how many cups he had, but never kept count, but always took what he needed to be keep energized.

He would simply have to try harder with Chloe sometime.

"So, what's on the menu for dessert?"

Chloe frowned for a nanosecond. Wally was just kidding right? He had to be, He was Wally, yeah he was probably being cute and since he did flirt with everything that moved, she probably shouldn't take him serious. Getting up from her seat, she took the plates to the sink and replace them with clean dessert ones, "Ice cream and Br--" She stopped talking when she thought she heard her cell phone beeping.

"Be right back." She told Wally before rushing into her room and finding her cell on top of her desk (that had been organized earlier that day) Chloe rolled her eyes at Lois' text message that read 'C, how is non date? L.', Quickly replying with 'Fine, bored much? You can come home.' Chloe placed her cell on the desk again and went to the kitchen. That was probably what Lois wanted to know so she shouldn't be sending anymore messages.

Ice cream and... what? Wally raised a brow, then shrugged. So he waited for her to deal with the cell phone. For someone like him, waiting was a bit irritating. So he tapped his finger on the table at high speed and little pressure, so hopefully he didn't leave a mark. He turned his head as Chloe fiddled with her cell phone in her room...

And zipped out of his chair, out the door, and quickly returned with some white carnations, tucked in a light blue vase. He placed it by Chloe's place on the table, and was back in his seat. As far as Chloe had to be concerned with, Wally had always been there, and the carnations appeared on their own. Doot doo doo, he was inn-oh-CENT!

Entering the kitchen again she took the ice cream out of the refrigerator "Sorry, that was just Lois bugging me." She placed the ice cream over the table and then took the brownies and did the same, "Dessert is ice cream and brownies, obviously..." She grinned at Wally as she returned to her seat when she noticed… flowers and a vase? Picking it up, Chloe looked at Wally, “How did those get in here?” She said with a smile. It was sweet of him to have bought it, really.

"Oh? Wasn't it always there?" Wally questioned ever-so-innocently, grinning that little charming grin of his. "Well, I guess it just appeared out of thin air." Teehee. Wink. He took the ice cream scope, then perform a teeny-tiny bow. "Would you like me to serve you your dessert, madam?" And shall he twinkle his eyes and be as convincing as possible? Perhaps?

Chloe laughed and shook her head, "They're pretty, thanks Wally." Maybe he was flirting with her and he was cute and again, very sweet, but he was Wally. She inwardly shrugged before nodding at him "Yep, I'll put some water on this." After doing so, Chloe returned to her seat as Wally finished serving them. She looked up at him and regarded him for a moment before finally speaking, "I have a question."

"Not a problem, Chloe. Glad you like 'em." Wally grinned at her, and went about preparing their separate desserts. He had himself a rather big portion, as one could expect, and sat back, having a few quick mouthfuls before she returned to her seat. Swallowed, then raised a brow curiously. "Well, if you have a question, then by all means ask!" He smirked a little. "Hey, I'm not filled to the brim with secrets, am I?" He'd answer... to the best of his ability!

She grinned at him, "After dealing with Clark and his secrets for years, I sure as hell hope not." Chloe decided to just ask and hopefully not spoil the mood. Taking a bite of her desert before speaking again, she swallowed and then said "Why are you doing all this?" She just needed to know what was happening so she could figure out where she stood. Wally was great but sometimes he could be harder to read than a Luthor.

"Hmm. Good question. Hmm, hmm, hmm... why am I doing all this..." Wally closed an eye, and rubbed his chin, eyeing at his ice cream and ever-becoming-soggy brownie. "...Well." He looked at her, grinning. "Why not?" Well, sure. It would be nice to convince her that a little date would be nice, but it spoiled everything to be so danged blunt, or so he thought.

After considering his reply for a moment, she nodded, "It goes completely against my inner journalist but your reply is actually a good one." Chloe grinned at him "Why not?" And took another bite of her dessert before looking up at him again and shaking her spoon in his direction as she spoke in a serious tone albeit her smirk, "Do know this is the only time I'll accept something like that as an answer, West." She half-joked.

"Hey, when you're a smooth as me, you have enough wit to impress any 'inner' journalist." Wally waved his spoon a little before returning to his dessert. He snickered a little and nodded. "Yeah, yeah. I know." Still, it was unfair if he had to answer that! Maybe she could guess the right thing. That would be nice.

Grinning Chloe went back to her dessert, noticing he was almost done and so was she, she said, "So what do you wanna do now?" Time to figure out where this was going. If he didn't wanna reply directly she'd have to find out some other way and thinking like this was the exactly reason Pete said she was scary. She inwardly frowned, was she?

"Hmmm. Well. I guess it depends. What do you usually end up doing? You know me. I'm usually playing games and stuff." And he wasn't exactly sure what Chloe normally would end up doing. Maybe something deep and meaningful! ...Or not. Wally wasn't positive. "Well, sometimes I go out just kinda... run around, but that's about it."

"Run around?" Chloe asked slightly surprised but not entirely, "I don't think I could run around after eating so much." Ginning at him she shrugged, "I don't do much, just usually sit and talk with Lois, do some research or watch T--" She was cut off, again. This time not by her cell but the phone ringing. "Lois can be annoying when she wants to be. "

She got up from her seat and picked up the kitchen phone that was directly behind Wally and almost on top of his head, "What is it Lois?" Chloe said as a greeting, when the person on the other end of the like chuckled, she snickered a little herself, "Hey dad, sorry. No Lois was just texting me a few minutes ago and I figured she got tired of typing."

"Yeah, I know. But who's to stop Lois from doing what she does best?" Wally grinned faintly at her, then shrugged, finishing his dessert. Hmm, but he was still hungry... He glanced over his shoulder curiously towards Chloe, raising a brow. Dad? Still, he tapped his finger a little, trying to stay patient. He couldn't exactly zoom out and do something special again for Chloe since she was in the same room as him. So he had to wait this one out.

She shook her head into the phone "No dad, we're not fighting." Chloe paused to listen to her dad for a while, "Just having dinner." Another pause as Gabe asked something, "No, with Wally. You met him, he lives with the boys."

Fighting? Well, no. Of course not. Tsk tsk, Mr. Sullivan; what kind of guy did you think Chloe would be hanging out with? Still, Wally listened in. Couldn't blame Gabe for being worried about Chloe, he supposed.

Chloe laughed loudly into the phone, "No dad." She repeated a little breathlessly and still laughing, "No, Wally is the red-haired one." She grinned down at Wally, "You don't have to kill him. Oddly enough he is behaving."

…Kill him? Well, okay. Normally, with Chloe? Not to be afraid of. But frankly, he didn't know Gabe that well, and... well, most daddies were protective of their widdle girls. So Wally raised a brow, tapping his finger a little more quickly. Coughed into his hand! and said ever-so-dramatically, "Um -- look at the time, Chloe!" He got to his feet and looked at his watch. "I gotta jam! My aunt is probably gonna expect me to swing by later tonight." Forget the fact that she lived so far away, but he wasn't really thinking about it right at the moment. "So, uh... had a great time, Chloe! Great time, I'll see you later." Even if she WAS on the phone, he made his wave, bow, what have you, and made his way to the door. "I'll call ya!"

All she could do was blink, it was like Wally was there and suddenly he just... wasnt. When Chloe heard the door shut, she blinked again, stopped for a second and then burst out laughing. She plopped down on the chair Wally had been sitting and continued laughing, ignoring her dad's 'whats' on the other end of the line. Wally West had just freaked and ran away because she told Gabe he didn't have to kill Wally? What a chicken. It was almost too cute that he thought Gabe could be scary. Calming herself down a little Chloe wiped the tears that had formed on her eyes from laughing, when she was able to talk again, she finally replied to her dad, "Congratulations dad, you just spooked a boy away over the phone and you weren't even talking to him." She grinned on the receiver, "Must be some sort of a record."

As her dad started chuckling before laughing loudly, she noticed Wally's cooker hat in his bag over the sink and smirked at it. She'd have to go give it back to him sometime and tell him next time he wants to come up with an excuse, to make it a more believable one rather than going to visit his Aunt who lives across the country at this time and be back for classes at 8am the following day.
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