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Clois first time RP - NC-17

This is Clark's first time - he was technically a virgin before this, though he'd done things. Just not this...

It's rather long, and they took forever to actually get to bed. But it's got some good character stuff and Lois is *fun*

Lois stared disdainfully at the dark spot in the middle of the carpet, trying to remember how it got there. " Chloe? Do we even have a vacuum?"

Chloe came from the kitchen eating ice cream and followed Lois' eyes. "Maybe, probably doesn't work though." She frowned and looked at Lois, "Why are you worried anyway? It's just Clark. He lives in a pig stall..."

"I'm more worried about getting the deposit back. And trying to decided who pissed on our carpet." The knocking at the door earned the closed door a glare. "You answer it."

"You invited him..." Chloe said, already making her way to the kitchen and dropped both the empty ice cream carton and spoon on the sink and walking over to the door. She opened it and smiled at Clark, "Hey"

"Hey Chloe. How are you doing?" Clark asked, a little awkward.

Lois shot a glare to Chloe's back, purposefully ignoring Clark before stepping around the stain and striding towards the kitchen.

"Good," Chloe nodded and took a step to the side to let him in.

He walked in and looked around. "This place is almost as much of a dump as ours. I thought girls were supposed to be neater than guys."

Chloe almost snorted and nodded towards her cousin while closing the door behind Clark, "You try living with her."

"I heard that!" Lois called from the kitchen, the sound of clanging pots following her voice.

"Lois is...Lois?" Clark said as he grinned at Chloe.

She nodded and grinned back at Clark, "Your guest is here Lois, come entertain him!" Chloe practically yelled before heading to the living room and nodding her head again for him to follow her. Clark did, laughing so softly no one would hear it.

"I invited him for you, Chloe dear!" Lois called back, grinning at the thought of Chloe "entertaining" Clark.

"So, what are you working on?" Clark asked. He figured that'd be a safe subject.

"I think there is only so much Clark can entertain me, Lois." She said from the kitchen door before turning back to Clark, "Its just a hunch for now. I'll tell you when I get a story."
She grinned.

"She wont tell you when she gets it, only let you know when it goes to print." Lois said from the door way, running a hand through her hair.
Clark glanced up at Lois and froze for a second. In the good way. He thought she noticed. He kind of hoped she did. But he turned to Chloe. "Yeah. Of course."

Chloe shrugged, "It's not my fault my stories go from theories to print faster than I can
speak." She smiled at Clark, "So you came to make us cookies?"

"Yes. Any requests?" Clark got his mind back to what he was there for. At least for now.

Lois grinned at Chloe, "Any requests, Chlo? I'm thinking hot melted chocolate." There was a brief moment of Lois pushing down a grin before she continued. "Or does that not go with cookies?"

Lana ran a hand through her hair once before raising her hand and knocking lightly. She was a little nervous about seeing Clark and Lois again after so long but she was feeling confident, too.

She looked at Lois, "Whatever the dough we have? I don't trust Clark to make it from
scratch." She made a face at her cousin, "I thing they'd drip all over the carpet."

"It depends on what type of cookies," Clark says and is very relieved when he hears the knock on the door. "And my mom taught me how to make everything from scratch,
Chloe!" Clark adds.

Lois' gaze lands on Clark for a moment before she mutters, "Chloe? Get the
door, would you?"

"That wouldn't mean you know how to make them, Clark..." Chloe turned to look at
Lois. "Who do you think I am? You got get it this time... It's probably another one of your
guests anyway." She grinned.

"I know how to do a lot of things you have no idea about, Chloe," Clark said.

Lois' smile dropped as she gave Chloe a blank look. "Come in!" She yelled, ignoring Clark's comment.

Lana opened the door and stepped in, shutting it softly behind her. "Hey."

Chloe almost gasped and stared at Clark, "Have you been drinking?"

"No," Clark replied. "I've just grown up a little."

Lois gave Lana a minute wave before leaning back against the door frame, crossing her arms over her chest. "Yes, Smalltown is a big man now. Make us cookies."

"Yes, ma'am," Clark said. He didn't say that it's partly to get away from talking to Lana just yet.

Chloe smiled at Lana, "Hey, glad you found the place!"

Lana smiled back, wondering if things are going to be awkward between her and Clark now. "It wasn't too hard."

Lois gave Lana a meaningful look, mentally castrating herself for the slip up before following Clark into the kitchen.

"Where's the milk?" Clark asked. "Or do you really want them made with dough? I'm easy. And yes, you can take the last part any way you want to." He grinned, just a little.

Lana carefully schools her expression and gives no indication she saw Lois' look. She turns to Chloe and smiles. "So, how are you doing?"

"Good, should we let the two work unsupervised?" She asked, frowning at Lana.

Lois turned her blank look towards Clark, ignoring his last statement. "Milk? We don't have that."

"Then we'd better make it with dough or they'll be too hard to be any good," Clark responded.

Lana chuckled, "I'm sure they'll be fine." She looked around the place, her smile widening. "I guess I'm the only neat one in this group."

Lois sighed and opened the refrigerator, pulling out a plastic covered tube. "We have pre-made dough. I don't like cookies anyway."

"Then, besides the part only we know about, why am I here?" Clark asked, too softly to be heard from the other room.

Chloe shrugged and went to the living room hoping Lana would follow her, "You just wait until you have a roommate, but seriously, our apartment is usually cleaner than this."

Lois took a step closer to him, dropping her voice too. "Because Chloe and I can't work the stove."

"And Chloe wants cookies?" Clark asked, moving nearer still.

Lana grinned again and followed Chloe. She pushed aside any thought of what Clark and Lois might be doing from her mind. They were all adults now and it's none of her business. "Sure, it is," she said teasingly.

"Chloe likes cookies and I was fresh out of ideas to explain why you came over. Next time, you pick." She said, glancing out the door to make sure that Lana and Chloe aren't in
eyesight before filling the space between them.

Chloe mock glared at Lana, "C'mon, I'll show the rest of the place," She said and
walked down the hallway towards Lois' room.

"Whatever works..." Clark looked down at Lois. "I'd like to start right now..."

Lana laughed as she walked with Chloe. "I do like the place though, it's nice."

Lois looked up at Clark from under her eyelashes, smiling slowly. "Yeah?"

"You'll notice this is the messier room, meaning Lois'." Chloe grinned and waved around
the place.

"Yeah..." Clark said. "You've got me...right where you want me."

"So, I see," Lana snickered. "And I suppose yours isn't just as messy?"

Lois paused before laughing, clapping a hand over her mouth. "I want you in my kitchen making cookies? By all means, would you wear an apron to add to my fantasy?"

Chloe shook her head, "Of course not. At least anything related to the paper is
organized in my room and the clothes kept on the floor are completely decorative, But
Lois'? A real mess..."

"Do you have one?" Clark grinned.

Lana laughed. "Uh-huh. Sure." She grinned and gestured to Chloe, "So, show

Lois raised an eyebrow and without looking away from him, pulled out the
nearest drawer and pulls out a frilly, pink apron, holding it up against his chest. Without a word, Clark put it on.

Chloe paused before sighing dramatically and walking away from Lois' room and over
to her own, before she turned on the lights, she stopped on the doorway and looked at lana seriously, "Please remember I'm in the middle of two big stories."

Lois glanced down at the apron for a second before grinning. "Ah. You gotta love a man in uniform. And I'm about to embarrass you greatly, anything you want to do before that?"

Lana smiled reassuringly, "Chloe, I *did* live with you. It's fine." Her smile widens. "I doubt anything could be as bad as it was *then*."

"Nothing I can think of," Clark said. "But thanks for the warning."

Chloe shook her head and turned on the lights, "I warned you..."

Lois nodded, calling over her shoulder. "Hey, Chlo! Pink is a great color on Smalltown!"

Chloe raised her eyebrows at Lana and rushed towards the kitchen. As soon as she saw
Clark wearing the pink apron, her eyes widened and she burst in laughter, "Camera Lo! Get it!"

Lana snickered and walked quickly back to the kitchen, giggling when she sees the apron on Clark. "Oh, my. He looks better in pink than I ever did."

Lois shook her head, pulling a tiny red digital camera out of her pocket and throwing it at Chloe. "A girl scout is always prepared."

"Never," Clark laughed.

Lois smiled brilliantly for the camera and threw an arm around Clark's waist, grabbing his ass.

Chloe started taking pictures as fast as her finger could click.

Lana leaned against the doorway and crosses her arms, smiling widely. "I would say we could use this as blackmail, but I have a feeling Clark wouldn't be bothered by that."

Clark smiled and very deliberately moved into Lois's hand.

Snorting at his movement, Lois noticeably smacked Clark's ass, trying to cover. "Chloe was right. Firm."

Lana threw back her head and laughs.

Clark laughed too.

Chloe stopped taking pictures and handed the camera back to Lois, still laughing a little, "you have blackmail material for at least a few months there."

Lois flipped through the pictures. "Good. I should start asking for shit now, huh?"

"Anything I have to give is yours," Clark laughed.

Lana stepped over, looking over Lois's shoulder and grinning, "Very nice.

Chloe frowned at Clark and shook her head, "Sure you're not drunk?"

Lois blinked at Chloe's question, muttering to Lana "No, he's just horny."

"Drunk? I haven't even opened the wine yet," Clark said.

Chloe frowned harder, "Wine?"

Lana snickered softly.

"Wine's in the fridge, Chloe. None of your boxed stuff though, please." Lois moved away from Lana, sliding the camera back into her pocket.

"Lois asked me to bring something to drink over and, well, there was a bottle of wine in the kitchen...unopened, so it's trustworthy." Clark indicated the bottle sitting on the counter.

"And Smalltown brought wine." Lois murmured to herself, reading the label on the bottle and frowning as she recognized it as her favorite.

"I think Wally got it. Or a friend of Pete's," Clark said.

"Anyway, thanks but no thanks, I'm working tonight." She grinned excitedly.

Lois slid her thumbnail around the foil covering the top of the bottle, grabbing the cork screw off of the counter and popping the bottle open. "Since when are you working tonight, Chloe?"

Lana leaned back against the doorframe, wondering if she should go. She certainly didn't want to be left alone with just Lois and Clark. "Working where?"

"Since my bait is free and volunteered to come with me." She turned to Lana, "On a

"Anything I should know about?" Clark asked. "You know some of your...sources, Chloe."

Lana nodded and tried to think of a discreet way of leaving.

She rolled her eyes at Clark, "Will you relax, Kent? This guy is a friend and this isn't dangerous... Well not really."

"You were a boy scout, weren't you Smalltown?" Lois asked, pulling three juice glasses off of the drying rack and pouring wine into them.

"How'd you know?" Clark asked, taking one.

"Condom in your back pocket." She muttered for his ears.

Lana cleared her throat, "Hey, Chloe, where's the bathroom?"

"In front of my bedroom" She said nodding towards the hallway. "And I have to go. You
three have fun."

Lana nodded, "Okay. I'll talk to you later, then, Chloe." She gives Chloe a brief hug and walks down the hall to the bathroom.

Lois frowned in Chloe's direction, mouthing "We will talk later" at her.

Clark is still speechless. And horny.

She waved at Lois and Clark pretending to ignore her words and smiles as she grabbed her purse and left the house.

Lana waited for about five minutes after hearing the door shut, then leaft the bathroom and walks back to the kitchen. "So... I'm going to take off now."

Lois set her glass down on the counter and sighed. "Is Chloe okay?"

"Stay, have some wine," Clark said, finding his voice again.

Lana snorted. "I don't know if Chloe is okay or not, this is the most we've talked today." She turned to Clark. "You two are not fooling me. And I'd rather not stay, if it's all the same to you."

"We're not fooling around. Now." Lois pointed out, leaning against the counter.

"No, we're not," Clark said, confidently.

Lana shrugged, "The less I know, the better. I'm not going to go through the guilt of keeping shit from Chloe again. If you two are going to, that's your business, but leave me out of it."

Lois narrowed her eyes. "Alright."

Lana raised an eyebrow, "Sorry, but I did my time back in Smallville."

Clark sighed. "This is a really bad idea."

"Everyone does their time somewhere. It's the way of the high school soap opera." Lois said. "And if you want to go, Smalltown and I should probably talk anyway."

"Yeah, we should," Clark nodded. "And Lana, thanks. For everything tonight."

Lana shook her head, sighing, "I'm not trying to be a bitch, but I refuse to be included in this secret. I came here, hoping to spend some time with all of you, not get in the middle of this... whatever it is." She looked at Clark. "It's fine. You're welcome. I'll show myself out." She turned on her heel and left, confident in her decision.

"And to think, all I wanted was to have people eat cookies." Lois said, hearing the click of the front door being closed.

"I know. It's probably my fault," Clark sighed.

"You take the blame for shit like that on a regular basis?"

"You could say that," Clark murmured, almost too softly to hear.

She hopped up on the countertop, bypassing her glass for the bottle, taking a long drink. "Well, it's not your fault. The telling of Lana was but I'd be willing to chalk that up to post-orgasmic brainlessness."

"It was," Clark nodded.

Lois shrugged, "Shit happens. I'm sorry that your friends are in the middle of it."

"I am too," Clark sighed. "Really sorry. I just....wish I could be in an uncomplicated relationship occasionally."

"Then uncomplicated things." Taking another drink, Lois added softly "You can leave now. No one has to know."

"Except that I'm just self-centered enough not to want to, Lois," Clark said. "That might be wrong, but I don't want to leave."

Absently, Lois pulled her hair away from her face and gathered it at the base of her neck, looking around for a hair tie. "Then what do you want, Kent? This isn't exactly a high school game."

"I want what we talked about, Lois. I want you, in the dark, in the narrow spaces, in your bed, wherever we can be."

Her search is abandoned as she looks at Clark, meeting his eyes for the first time since Chloe left the apartment.

"You remember, don't you?" Clark whispered. "Everything you said?"

Lois nodded, licking her lower lip.

"Everything you said you wanted," Clark continued. "Has that changed, Lois?"

She shook her head, clasping her hands in her lap.

"We can stop this now. If you really want to," Clark said.

Lois raised an eyebrow. "This is a lot of angst over nothing. We haven't even kissed."

"It is," Clark nodded. "Maybe we should. Just to see what it is we're angsting over."

Lois slid off the counter, pulling herself up to full height. "You could kiss like my third grade boyfriend."

"I take it that wouldn't be good?" Clark snickered. "My first kiss was. Well, you probably know."

Lois frowned, resisting the urge to push him. "Just do it, okay?"

"Okay," Clark wrapped his arms around Lois and lowered his face to hers. His lips opened, gently, on her lips and he kissed, just enough pressure.

Lois stood there stiffly, not wanting it to be good, not wanting to have deal with any of this but forgot the idea as he parted her lips with his, pulling her in closer.

He could feel when she accepted it, when she started to kiss back, and he was lost. He knew he would be, and yet it's there, the knowledge that this is far from the end. It's not so bad. Mostly.

She sighed quietly, shifting her arms around to slide into his hair, almost laughing at the fleeting thought that this is so much better than Jeremy back in the third grade. It was sweet and soft with something barely contained under it.

Slowly, Clark pulled back and looked into her eyes. "That was either a really bad idea, or a really good one. But I know I don't want to stop."

"Me neither." Lois said, taking a deep breath. "It's probably a fucking bad idea."

"Very likely," Clark nodded.

She shook her head, "I don't care."

"I wish I could," Clark said. "But right now, all I see is you."

"Because there's no one else here, Kent." Lois said.

"It wouldn't matter if there were fifty other people in this room, I'd only see you," Clark murmured.

Lois ducked her head, hair curling around her face as she silently berates herself for letting what he's saying get to her.

"So are we going to do this here or somewhere else?" Clark asked, softly.

She turned on her heel and walked slowly towards her bedroom, kicking aside a notebook that lay in the doorway.

Clark followed, slowly. He removed the apron and then he's there, in the middle of Lois's bedroom.

Lois' eyes land on the apron dangling in Clark's hand. "You've been wearing that the entire time?"

"I never got around to taking it off," Clark grinned.

She shook her head, "Dump it anywhere."

He did, just looking around. "I've seen worse..."

"Your pit of a room." She nodded and then shrugged "I don't have the time to clean."

"My room isn't that bad. Not compared to Wally's, anyway. And as for Pete...." Clark shook his head.

"Yeah." Lois paused before her hesitant hands went to the bottom of her shirt, unbuttoning the bottom buttons.

"This will be okay," Clark whispered.

"If you say so." She laughed. "Sex usually isn't this complicated for me."

"Sex has always been complicated for me..." Clark laughed.

"Don't tell me about tentacle monsters that wanted to have a young virgin or whatever back in Smallville, okay?" She shrugged the blouse off of her shoulders, letting it litter the floor.

"You're too near the reality for comfort," Clark shuddered. "But yes. Oh..."

"Oh?" Lois meets his eyes, raising an eyebrow.

"You're beautiful," Clark said. "And yes, I know it's a cliche."

She ran a hand through her hair, shrugging with the movement. "I'm not great at taking complements so let's pretend that I just accepted yours with grace, okay?"

"Sounds good to me," Clark said. "Want me to take some of this off?" He indicates his clothes."

Lois smiled, glad at the sudden power switch. "Well, depends on what you wanted to do. You might not need to be naked."

"Isn't it what you want me to do?" Clark grinned. "Or not?"

She unzipped her jeans, kicking them out of the way as she walked over to him. Quickly, she reached around his body and pulled the condom out of his back pocket, waving it in his face. "If we do this once, we should do this right."

"Yes," Clark nodded. "We should."

"Then do something, Smalltown." She said quietly, pressing up against him.

"If I don't get these pants off now, I'll make a mess of them," Clark answered. "Just a second..."

Lois stepped back, her feet sliding over a lose sheet of paper.

Clark moved without thinking and caught her. "You know, there are easier ways to get out of this, Lois."

"I was giving you room." She growled.

"I know," Clark said. "But you should watch out for paper."

"Thanks for the warning, boy scout." She muttered, pushing him away enough to stand on her own.

Clark stripped out of his clothes, quickly.

"I'm shocked you haven't tried to turn off the lights and keep your clothes on." Lois snarked, giving him a quick once over. "I thought you'd be impossibly shy."

"You've already seen everything I have to offer, Lois," Clark reminded her. "So, going to take the rest off or do you want some help?"

She almost angrily pushed off her panties, kicking them into the corner, her bra following. "I'm good without, thanks."

"You're wearing panties," Clark said. "Or you were."

"Observant. It was cold." She shrugged.

"You know, we're doing an awful lot of talking," Clark said. "I think we should be doing more of this." He walks over to Lois and takes her in his arms and kisses her hard.

Lois kissed him back, bitting at his mouth with teeth and lips before pulling away. "I thought you liked to talk."

"It has its place. Oh, fuck..." Clark moaned as his cock gets harder from Lois's kisses.

Her eyes narrowed before she pushed him, watching him fall backwards on the bed. "You're just some fucking kid. This shouldn't be happening."

"I'm not a kid," Clark said. "Does this feel like a kid?" He kissed Lois as hard as he could allow himself to. "Or this?" He brings Lois's hand to his cock.

"You feel like some kid trying to be a man." She hissed, giving his cock a stroke before straddling his waist, knees on either side of his stomach.

"Well, I'm not," Clark said. "I'm a man." He bit softly at Lois's neck.

She twisted her neck to the side, not seeing the wall in front of her, barely even hearing Clark; she just felt the warm mouth moving slowly up her neck and his body beneath hers. "Keep telling yourself that."

"What do you want, Lois?" Clark asked. "Just tell me."

Leaning back, she looked down at his expectant face, his faintly trembling hands
and smiled. She could do this. "I you to feel good." She muttered, pushing the hair back
from his forehead.

"You're already doing that," Clark murmured, kissing her again.

"I want this to be easier than it is." She admitted, making a face.

"That might be good," Clark nodded.

"If it's this hard, should we stop?"

"Or we could stop worrying and just live in this moment?" Clark suggested, his hands finding Lois's breasts as they moved awkwardly.

She paused in shock, looking down at his hands. "Oh, come on. I know you are so much better than that."

"What do you mean?" Clark looked up at her and kissed her, his hands somehow becoming smoother and more purposeful.

"I mean," she grabbed his wrists and moved slowly into his grasp "fumbling isn't you."

"Sometimes it is," Clark said. "I am a little nervous, you know. But I think I'm over it...." He licked over her breasts slowly.

Her back arched into a bow, her hands dropping to her sides as she rocked slowly and mindlessly on him.

His tongue drew patterns over her breasts as his hands swept up and down her sides.

Lois leaned back enough to watch his tongue, trying to move towards his mouth and into his hands all at the same time. She whimpered in frustration as she couldn't figure out how to move into all three.

"Shhhh," Clark murmured and curled his tongue around a nipple.

Lois shook her head, opening up her mouth to answer him but a low moan came out instead.

Clark grinned as he continued sucking. She tasted amazing, he thought.

Her hands jerked and slid into his hair, anchoring to him as she forced her eyes open wide and looked down at what he was doing. Licking her lips, she gasped "Stop. Starts.. hurt."

He stopped right away when she said that. "I'm sorry...." he didn't stop touching her, though he was more gentle.

Lois nodded and leaned back some more, trying to get a coherent thought through her brain.

"Okay now?" Clark nuzzled her neck gently, kissing softly.

She nodded, "Doing spectacular Smalltown. You?"

"Just fine," Clark nodded and kissed her again. "Ready to go further. And yes. I needed to ask."

She cupped his chin in her hand and presses her mouth to his for a long moment. "Okay."

Clark's fingers moved carefully over her breasts again. This time his mouth stayed on her neck as his hands went lower. He knew he'd done this before, but he only had hazy memories.

Lois rose to her knees, sighing quietly as his hand slipped between her legs. "This is so much better." She purred, scratching his scalp with her nails.

"Yes," Clark nods, fingers moving, not quite hesitantly.

Lois rocked into his hand, not noticing anything but the tiny shocks that raced up her legs and along her back.

Sense memory came back and his fingers slipped inside, searching for the spot that he knew was there.

Her head dropped to his shoulder, eyes closing sharply. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck..." she muttered over and over, rubbing against him like a cat trying to get as close as she could.

"You're so wet," Clark murmured, moving his fingers inside her. He could feel her trying to get closer, and he wanted to be closer too, so he arched against her.

"Been like this forever," Lois moaned, grabbing a handful of his hair in her fist as his chest brushed against her nipples.

"God, Lois..." Clark sucked softly at her neck and moved his fingers inside her. "Want more..."

She pushed his head down until her lips brushed her ear, "Fuck me."

"Yes..." Clark said. "How do you want to be? Me on top or you?"

"You..." Lois ground out, jerking on his hand in time to her words. "You you you you."

"Okay," Clark moved over her and lined up. His hand moved out of her, and his cock was just there, almost teasing her, though he was the one who groaned at the light touches.

"Jesus, Clark. Quit teasing. Please." She added, trying to make him move, make him do something other than moan and look up at her with large eyes.

"Yes, Lois..." He entered her, being very careful.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him on with pulls and hands, babbling as he thrust up and brushed against her clit.

"Oh, god...." Clark moaned and just stopped for a moment, feeling her around him. "So good...."

"Faster," she whispered when he stopped. "Harder." She thrust up against him, trying to show him what she wanted.

He obeyed, wanting it too, thrusting as hard as he dared allow himself to, even lost to pleasure his mind wouldn't let him hurt her.

Lois dropped her feet to either side of his hips and planted them firmly on the bed, grasping his biceps in her hands to use as leverage. She panted loudly, turning her head to the side on the bed, her eyes drifting shut.

He moved, watching her, moving to kiss... no, lick...down her cheek, slowly thrusting inside her, wanting it to last forever. He wanted this, he realized, more than he knew before it happened. His hand moved between their bodies, stroking her clit.

She bit her bottom lip tightly; it was the only way she could keep her mouth shut instead of saying something she vaguely knew she'd regret later. The slapping of their hips changed suddenly as she moved into his hand again, trying to make him rub her harder and faster.

He felt her moving and moved faster, it seemed to be what she wanted and he was sure she'd let him know if it wasn't, Lois was not shy....not at all. He kissed her again, and looked into her eyes.

Under his gaze, Lois grew quickly uncomfortable, not used to being seen like that, being
looked at so closely. She tilted her head back, her neck arched as she moved into him again and again, feeling an urge to move faster and harder as her orgasm raced through her.

"Lois..." he managed to gasp, as he felt his body tighten, his balls draw up, and he knew what it was, but he'd never felt it like this, inside someone this way. He came then, he felt it spilling out, mixing with Lois' juices and that was all he knew before the pleasure took him
out of the moment, to another plane where he could only see stars.

She laid limp under him before slowly bringing her hand up to cover her eyes, barely hearing him as he ground out her name. It took her a second to realize her mistake, her heart slowing before stopping completely. "Oh fuck," she muttered. "Oh fuck. Fuck."

"I guess we did," he said, smiling brightly and touching her hair gently, unable to get enough of it. He really liked her hair, and now, post-sex, he thought it could be his favorite way of looking at it.

She dropped her hand and faced him, incredulously. "Clark? Condom." She ground out, eyes dropping to her bedroom floor, the foil packet shining almost mockingly from among the clothes and papers spread around.

"Oh, *fuck*," Clark groaned, as he followed Lois's gaze. "Dammit." He had no idea right now if he *could* even get Lois pregnant - he knew diseases weren't a problem - but it was a very bad idea not to use it. And no matter how much they'd been lost in the moment, he shouldn't have forgotten. "I'm so sorry," he said.

Lois blinked owlishly at the condom, "Hell of a way to break the mood." Her heart racing, she turned to look at Clark, still really not comprehending the situation.

"I am clean...." he said, slowly. "I swear, and you know this was my first time....doing this." He held onto that, at least.

She nodded, taking a breath and slowly coming back to herself. "Thanks for the reassurance, Kent. Really not the first thought though."

"I know," he answered. "Lois, I'll be here, if I'm needed to be. Not that I will, necessarily, but..." he knew he would, even if she pushed him away. "Thought you should know."

"You sound like a bad after school special," she said with more blasé than she felt. Lois grinned slightly at him before pushing gently at his shoulder, urging him to roll off of her.

"I probably do," he agreed as he moved to lie beside her. "I just....don't know what to do."

She sat up, reaching down to pick up her jeans and slide them on. "There's nothing to do, Smalltown. And we're not talking about it." Sliding off the bed, she patted the ground blindly, looking for a shirt to put on. "You okay, up there?

"Yeah," he said. "Pretty much just blown away, though. That was....really good." He knew it was an understatement, but it was also one she wouldn't think was reading too much into it.

Lois nodded, knowing that he couldn't see her quietly agreeing with him. Her fumbling hands suddenly ran over his jeans, or at least, she was somewhat confident they were his. She was about to throw them at him but caught herself, not wanting a sudden push out of her apartment to mar his first time along with the condom issue. Cursing quietly to herself,
she moved them next to the bed and continued her quest for a shirt.

"What are you looking for?" he asks, stretching. "Maybe I can help?"

"A shirt." Lois cleared her throat and clarified, "My shirt." Glancing around the darkened room again, she sat back on her heels. "Then again, I guess it really doesn't matter, huh?"

"Not considering what we've just done," Clark agreed, touching her again. "God, Lois....I can't believe...." He was actually feeling tired, he realized, almost surprised.

She glanced over at him, "Can't believe that it took you this long to lose it? That people made a huge deal about it? That my room is this dirty?"

"Those too," he laughs, not feeling like arguing with her. He just stayed where he was, wondering what the etiquette in this situation would be. As Kal, he'd just done what he wanted.

Lois sat back against the bed, looking out in front of her as her vision started to grow accustomed to the dark. "Yeah, it's a puzzler. My room used to be clean and I came home one day, and this." She made a wide arc with her hands, gesturing to the mess. "I've been too busy to, you know, care."

"I can see that happening," Clark nodded, yawning a little. "It's easy, really. One day you realize that it's all a mess."

"And that you detonating a small nuclear device to clean it would be impossible, because Chloe would kill you." Lois muttered, not really paying attention to what she was saying anymore.

"Yeah," Clark agreed. "Nuclear devices in the house, not a good idea...."

"Especially considering that I think my neighbors would have a slight noise complaint" She finished for him, closing her eyes slumping over at the waist.

"That too. Lois," Clark said. "I really enjoyed this, but I think my waking up here in the morning would not be a good idea. I am also very close to sleeping. So, I think I should leave." He ended with a yawn. "That is, if you don't want me sleeping here...?"

"That's okay" she said hastily, "being here in the morning probably wouldn't make us one with the stealth." Lois didn't add that no one had ever slept over, nor had she ever spent the night with anyone. The idea was large and daunting and wasn't something she wanted
to tackle that night. Espically considering who and what Clark was supposed to be.

He got up, reluctantly, and started looking for his clothes. When he found them, he pulled them back on, and looked at her. Without thinking, he leaned in for a kiss. "Thanks, Lois, tonight was great," he said, unable to think of anything else to say.

She nodded and raised an eyebrow. "Going home to Dear Diary this moment?"

"Maybe..." He winked.

Lois crossed her legs at her ankles, not really paying attention to the fact that she was still naked from the waist up. She was starting to feel like herself and that was much more important, "If you use words like 'magical' and 'limpid', I think your membership to the
male gender is taken. So you should watch that. I know the desire to say I was dewy will be overwhelming but try to resist, okay?"

"Like I'd ever call you dewy, Lois. Hot, sexy, very beautiful and amazing? Those may turn up." He walked to the door. "I'll see you."

Lois nodded her head in farewell, "You'd be lying but I guess your diary would never know the difference."

"Not a lie, Lois," and he closed the door and walked out of the apartment.
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