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Some extra information

Dates: When updating your journal, please remember that the days can be the same as the real ones but the year needs to be changed to 2007.

Extra Charactes (NPCs): Any of the players can use those characters if they're needed on a scene. Please let us know if you make anyone up so we can add to the list.

- Family
Martha Kent: Clark's mother
Gabe Sullivan: Chloe's father
(General) Sam Lane: Lois' father
(Judge) Abigail Ross: Pete's Mother
Lucas Luthor: Lex's brother
Nell Potter: Lana's aunt
Iris Allen: Wally's aunt
Rudolph West: Wally's father
Mary West: Wally's Mother
Jonathan Kent: Clark's father. Died of a heart attack rigth after Clark finished his senior year in high school.
Ellen Lane: Lois' mother. Died when Lois was six but might come up.
Erin Sullivan: Chloe's mother. Currently at a mental hospital, hasn't had contact with her family since Chloe was 5. Ellen's younger sister.

- Others
Jason Teague: Former Smallville high assistent coach, Lana's ex.
Perry White: TDP's Editor-in-chief
Steve: Met U's newspaper editor.
Johnson: Lois' supervisor at TDP.
Matt: Chloe's ex.
Det. Sonja Montoya, Lt. Matthew Brown and the ME Tamara Smith: All involved on the investigation of Lionel's death.

Contact Information: The character's AIMs, please make sure you've added everyone to your buddy list as well as added everyone's LJ as friends.

Clark Kent: LJ: smltwnboy AIM: AConfu
Lex Luthor: LJ: apotistephres AIM: Segeeth1982
Lois Lane: LJ: attila_lois AIM: AttilaLois
Chloe Sullivan: LJ: cs_not_i AIM: MetroBlye
Pete Ross: LJ: ross_the_boss06 AIM: SupadupaflyRoss
Lana Lang: LJ: _brand_new_me_ AIM: Isobel Paris
Wally West: LJ: speedyinspeedo AIM: Blitzingbyyou
Bruce Wayne: LJ: gotham_playboy AIM: gothamplayboybw
Dick Grayson: LJ: _flyalone_ AIM: xloneflyerx

Update your journals as often as possible and commenting is always fun. ;)
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