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Scene - Chloe/Lana - Dec. 23 - PG-13

At this point, Lana hadn't seen any of her friends since she moved to Metropolis. She was online talking to Chloe and, on Lex's advice, she asked if Chloe would like to meet for coffe. Chloe said yes and they met at the Met U campus coffee shop later that day. The following scene is what happened:

Lana walked into the Met U campus coffee shop and looked around for Chloe. Spotting her over at a corner table, she grinned hugely and walked over, fingering her newly chin length hair nervously.

Chloe grinned back at Lana when she finally recognized the new hair cut, when Lana approached the table and took the seat opposite from her she said, "I can't believe you actually cut your hair! Looks great, Lana!"

Lana laughed and braced her arms on the table. "Yeah, I think I really surprised myself by doing it. I was tired of the length and the headbands." She shook her head, grinning as her hair flew back and forth. "Besides, this is much more mature, don't you think?"

"Yeah, it looks great." She grinned again and took a sip of her coffee, "So how have you been?"

Lana looked down at the table, where her fingers traced random patterns in the wood. "I've been better." She looked back up at Chloe and kind of half smiled, trying to figure out how to explain the differences. "But I feel freer then I did before I took that year off. I feel more *me*."

Nodding, Chloe smiled at Lana, "Yeah, you look like it." She took a better look at the other girl before continuing, "You don't look like you have anyone pressuring you to be something you don't wanna be. I always got that impression from you back in Smallville."

Lana sighed softly and nodded. "Yeah. Everyone always had some kind of expectation of what I should be. Clark expected the damsel in distress. Nell expected me to follow in her shoes and be the trophy wife she wasn't capable of being. Lex expected me to be... I don't know. More than I could be. For anyone. It was really hard. No one seemed to want to see that I *do* have my own mind and that yeah, I can be selfish and a bitch and no, I'm not all sweetness and light. I'm not the princess anymore. You know?"

"I always knew there was more to Lana Lang." Chloe grinned proudly, "I mean, everyone has many sides, why can't you?" After taking another sip of her coffee, her grin widened and she finished, "And for the record? I always knew you could be a selfish bitch."

Lana threw back her head and laughed loudly. "Oh, I have missed you, Chloe. I think you're the only one who ever saw the bad in me." Tapping the table with her hand once, she got up. "I'll be right back. I'm craving a vanilla hot chocolate."

Chloe waited for Lana to go get her hot chocolate. It was weird, in a good way to see Lana like this. She was finally showing her true colors and now, even through this brief talk, Chloe could tell Lana was seeing what she was really made of. It probably wasn’t easy, but was surely good for her and a part of the growing up process. Or so Chloe thought.

Lana shifted a bit impatiently, waiting in line for her hot chocolate. She looked back briefly at Chloe and smiled, happy that she'd finally been able to see Chloe and be honest and *herself*. She knew Chloe would understand and easily accept it. She frowned slightly. Unlike Clark, who just brushed it off as 'everyone changes'. Grabbing her hot chocolate from the barrister, she walked back over to the table and sat down, still frowning slightly.

As the brunette walked back to the table, Chloe noticed the frown on her face and she looked slightly lost in thoughts, "What’s with the frown?"

Lana looked back up and shook her head, smiling. "Just Clark. I tried talking to him about all this and he just chalked it up to 'everybody has changed' and went on like I hadn't said anything." Lana sighed and shrugged. "He hasn't changed that much, from what I can tell. But then, I haven't seen him since I moved here."

"Of course it's Clark, you couldn't have changed that much." She smiled, "But don't mind him, he has been... a little stressed lately. He has some issues worrying him."

Lana snorted, "Doesn't he always?" Then she grimaced and gave Chloe an apologetic look. "Sorry. My bitchiness has been given a bit too free of reign lately."

"Lana? I live with Lois Lane. I haven't seen your bitchiness yet." She took the last sip of her coffee and leaned back against her seat, "So who else have you been talking to?"

Lana dropped down her head and laughed. "Very true. I'll keep that in mind." She took a couple of sips of her cocoa. "You, Lois, Clark and Lex. That's all." She frowned slightly. "Oh, and Nell and Dean. They took me out to dinner last night." Lana changed her voice to adopt Nell's slight lisp. "'Lana, why aren't you dating? Don't you know how important the right social contacts are?' 'I don't know why you insist on going to a community college and studying art, what use will it be when you're married? You are still seeing Lex, aren't you'" Lana groaned and rubbed her forehead. "I swear, no matter what I said to her, she didn't hear it. She never hears it. She thinks I'm dating *Lex* for crying out loud."

Chloe frowned and leaned forward a bit, "She always wanted you to, didn't she? Wait till she finds out Bruce Wayne will be coming to Metropolis."

Lana groaned again and dropped her head onto the table in front of her drink. Her voice is muffled by the table, "You're kidding, right?" She could not believe this was happening. Once Nell heard about that... Lana would have to change her phone number. Or move. Or something.

Chloe laughed but soon stopped, "Sorry, but it's happening. Maybe you should tell her you're gay?"

Lana looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Sure. Who should I tell her I'm dating?"

"You mean you're going to do it?" Chloe said amused, this was definitely a different Lana.

Lana snickered, "Hell, why not? Maybe then she'd get off my back about dating Lex. Of course, instead she’d probably start pulling out all the possible heiresses I could date." Lana grinned at the look Nell would probably get on her face if told Lana was gay. Hell, maybe she'd do it, just to see that look.

Chloe grinned brightly "You can tell her it’s me if you want. It’s not like a lot of people don't say that about me and Lois anyway. Pete's brain almost explodes every time someone mentions it, its rather entertaining."

Lana leaned back in her seat, and grinned, sipping at her now cooled off hot chocolate. "That really doesn't surprise me." Huh. Telling Nell she's dating Chloe. Hmmm. She shrugged, "If you really don't mind, sure. Though, I'm hoping it will be another couple of months before I see her again."

"Yeah people just talk too much. I stopped caring a long time ago so no I don't mind. And for your good, I hope you don't see her until after Bruce Wayne stops visiting regularly."

Lana sighed, "Yeah, me too. She is just relentless. Maybe telling her I'm gay will take the wind out of her sails until she figures out that I could still marry a man." She rolled her eyes. "She'll be too stuck on 'Lana is gay' to have that thought for a while."

"Yeah it could really work. But honestly, as long as you don’t listen to her, you should be fine."

Lana nodded, smiling briefly, "Well, I do try not to but dinner lasted over two hours last night. It was hard to keep ignoring her and pretending to be distracted by school. And of course, Dean just sat there and watched us. It was kind of creepy, actually."

"You never liked him anyway. Keanu-DVD-A-Thons?" She grinned and faked a shudder, "what was I thinking?"

Lana snickered, "Thinking? There was thinking involved? Are you sure?"

"Watch that tongue, Lang, you're sharp." Chloe smiled.

Lana shook her head, smiling sheepishly, "Yeah, sorry. I've gotten a bit snippy."

Chloe shook her head as well, "Don’t apologize, you've been on the receiving end for years."

"That's true," she grinned. "It's nice to finally not have to check myself before I speak. I tell you, there were so many times I just wanted to tell Clark to cut the bullshit or to go fuck himself but I couldn't. Because nice and sweet Lana Lang would *never* talk like that."

Chloe blinked, slightly taking aback, she had never heard Lana cursing before, "Whoa that’s good Lana, are you sure you haven't been abducted by aliens?"

Pressing her tongue against the inside of her cheek, she shrugged. "Not as far as I know." She grinned suddenly. "Of course, it could be all the time I've spent talking to Lois online lately."

"Aah Lois. Yes, blame it on Lois and you should be fine, I have been doing that since I was one and it always works!"

Lana laughed, "Well, I do envy the two of you."

Chloe frowned slightly, "Envy? Why?"

Lana shrugged, feeling a tad embarrassed, "Nell and Henry are all the family I have. One doesn't *want* to see who I really am and the other can't be bothered to get to know me. It just must be nice, to be close to someone you share such a long history with."

"Yeah, to be honest, I don't know what I'd do without her. Lois, I think, is the only one who knows me for real, better than myself sometimes. Its nice."

Lana nodded, "That's great. I meant to ask, how's your dad doing?"

"He is pretty good, out of town for Christmas though, unfortunately."

"Oh, that sucks. I'm sorry." Lana looked sympathetic. "Do you and Lois have plans?"

"Just spending it in the apartment and refusing to make turkey" She grinned, "What will you be doing?"

Lana looked away, shrugging, trying to pretend her lack of plans didn't bother her. "Nothing. Nell wanted me to come stay with her and Dean for the weekend." Lana looked back and snorted. "Riiight."

"We're all just sad, no one has plans for Christmas, apparently."

"Yeah, we are, aren't we?"

Chloe nodded and looked at her watch, "Speaking of sad, I have to go, class starts in 10 minutes..."

"Oh, okay," Lana grinned. "It was great to see you. Maybe we can get together again soon?" She got up and tossed her empty cup into the garbage.

She got up and nodded, "Of course, you have my cell, just call me when you get bored."

Lana smiled, "Great. I'll do that." She hesitated and then went ahead and gave Chloe a hug.

Chloe hugged Lana back and grinned, "See ya soon."

"Okay, bye." Lana waved and walked out and headed back to her apartment.
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