January 12th, 2005

Fight Club Marla

First Scene/IM Conversation, Clois December 22, NC-17

This is the first IM conversation that will be posted here; it's from December 22 and is between Clark and Lois. This can also be used as an example on how IM conversations could/should be (the cyber sex *winces* is left up to you, and the length).

A summary, just in case the 30 pages is daunting to you (as it was to me): Lois IMed Clark, she bitched, he was nice, they flirted, stuff happened, they agreed that it was bad but decided not to stop, she mentioned Clark's father (who is dead), apologized, felt bad about it, Clark was understanding and polite about it, he offered to walk her home.

Clois, 12-22, IMCollapse )

Questions, comments, basic screaming here.
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Scene Chlex Dec 24th - Rating PG

This is the interview between Chloe and Lex. Lex has granted Chloe an interview as a personal favor, under the condition that she won't publish it until given his express permission. Also part of the terms was an agreement to arrange a dinner between his old friend Bruce Wayne and Chloe. Following the interview is an exchange of text messages.

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Catherine from CSI

Scene - Chloe/Lois - December 23rd - PG

So this is the first actual written scene, most (all?) of you have already written scenes but just in case you can use this one as a model. Just a reminder and yes, I'm annoying about that, always use past sentences and be as descriptive as possible.

Feel free to add OOC comments here if you want to.

The scene itself is a short Chlois. The previous night, Lois got home late (She was talking to Clark online and then he walked her home)and feels bad because of it. Chloe notices she's not okay and tries to push for answers.

Chlois, Dec 23rdCollapse )

BTW, When posting a scene, add to the subject:
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