January 11th, 2005

Pam Drinking

Autopsy Report

This entry may be read by all the players, but is technically for the character of Lex Luthor only. This means that no reporters (*ahem*) or winged vigilantes may get their hands on any of the information other than the basics that have already been reported to the general public.

This sort of information is usually only given to the family, upon request. If said family decides to share it, they may do so as long as the officials don't believe it will hurt the investigation.

The players may comment about this here and Lex may "email" his questions to the ME, Tamara Smith, in the comments. She'll get back to him as soon as she can.

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Pam Drinking

Det. Sonya Montoya Notes, Part One

As you may or may not know, Gotham has a lovely police officer by the name of Renee Montoya. Metropolis has a detective by the name of Sonya Montoya? Coindence? Probably not. Does it mean anything? Not really, I'm just being uber geeky.

Anyway, Det. Montoya is the lead on the Lionel Luthor murder along with her partner, Lt. Kevin Brown. The following are several pages of notes she has on the murder, taken from her computer. These are usually considered classified and are not shared, even at the request of the victim's families. Somehow though, they found their way into Lex Luthor's mail.

Again, every player can see them but only Lex Luthor has "read" them. Players can comment here, Lex can "email" questions to Montoya here (although he would be wise not to mention that he has had some access to her private files) or her partner, Lt. Brown. Also, because what officers are assigned to a case is public knowledge, anyone else can "email" them in the comments with questions surrounding the murder.

This does not mean that Montoya or Brown will give any information. Nor does it mean that they'll answer you.

Police officers are kind of cranky that way.

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While my mood pic (click to comment, check out the moodpic) is not what happened to Lionel Luthor, I still think it's damn funny.
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