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Det. Sonya Montoya Notes, Part One

As you may or may not know, Gotham has a lovely police officer by the name of Renee Montoya. Metropolis has a detective by the name of Sonya Montoya? Coindence? Probably not. Does it mean anything? Not really, I'm just being uber geeky.

Anyway, Det. Montoya is the lead on the Lionel Luthor murder along with her partner, Lt. Kevin Brown. The following are several pages of notes she has on the murder, taken from her computer. These are usually considered classified and are not shared, even at the request of the victim's families. Somehow though, they found their way into Lex Luthor's mail.

Again, every player can see them but only Lex Luthor has "read" them. Players can comment here, Lex can "email" questions to Montoya here (although he would be wise not to mention that he has had some access to her private files) or her partner, Lt. Brown. Also, because what officers are assigned to a case is public knowledge, anyone else can "email" them in the comments with questions surrounding the murder.

This does not mean that Montoya or Brown will give any information. Nor does it mean that they'll answer you.

Police officers are kind of cranky that way.

File: 30114981-B/Lionel Luthor
Set To File: August 2nd
Time: 11:37pm
Made By: Det. Sonya Montoya

Lt. Brown and myself responded to a call from dispatch at approximately 7:30 the morning of August 2nd, 2006 taking us to 1176 W. 7th Street, also known as the LuthorCorp building. The scene (floors twenty one through twenty seven, the office and the lobby) was secured by officers Ramos, K. Thomas and Federline. None of the forensics squad had appeared yet, nor had the ME. Officer Thomas had been the first on the scene and reported that besides the janitor that had found the body (Gregory Uhandi), nothing in the office had been disturbed.

Security has extensive cameras around the front outside of the building facing both up and down 7th street, along with approximately eight cameras in the lobby and four cameras on each floor of the building. Chief security officer is Frank Cruise but he was unable to offer any information of substance as to the general movement of Lionel Luthor on the day he died other than how Mr. Luthor’s general schedule went. Tapes to all the cameras on the above mentioned closed off floors were immediately collected and taken to evidence for labeling. Will examine the content of the tapes at a later date due to the fact that there is no cameras directly in Lionel Luthors office nor cameras pointed at his office door.

Lt. Brown questioned the night security officers and Mr. Cruise while I talked to Mr. Uhandi and looked in on the scene.

The deceased was found around 6:27am by Mr. Uhandi who had come in to clean the office, as is his usual schedule (see ‘Uhandi’ notes for more detailed routine). Mr. Uhandi states that he opened the office door with the office key that is not a skeleton key and cannot take home at the end of his shift. In order to clean the office, he must collect a key from the front desk (confirmed by Lt. Brown’s notes) and return said key immediately after he is finished. Mr. Uhandi stated that he didn’t see anyone or anything out of the ordinary during his shift, only noticed the decadents body when he walked into Mr. Luthor’s office and saw the body slumped over his desk.

*Addn. Mr. Uhandi has no prior record and has been working for LuthorCorp for six years, four months.

Uhandi stated that he did not touch anything in the office other than the front door and left his janitorial supplies in the office. He called down to the front desk, called the front lobby desk to alert the night guards that Mr. Luthor was “injured” (wording confirmed by Lt. Brown’s notes) and that the police should be notified immediately.

Dispatch receive a call from Mr. Herbert Walker (taken by Lucinda Evans, 6:34am) and officers Thomas and Federline responded, arriving approximately 6:45am. After confirming that Mr. Luthor was deceased, Lt. Brown and myself were contacted.

Lionel Luthor’s office is 45ft long by 45ft wide with floor to ceiling windows making up the north wall (the wall north of the door, making the door south); windows have been treated. On the east wall is a second door, leading to an elevator that goes down to the third level of the parking garage, not made to stop on other floors. It requires a key to enter the elevator on the garage level floor and a key and a thumb scan in order to get into the office (confirmed by son, Lex Luthor). Three feet in front of the window, exactly centered (measured by ME Tamara Smith) is a steel desk, six feet long by four and a half feet long (see diagram 1 for other measurements).

Lionel Luthor was sitting in a black desk chair (his desk chair, confirmed by Lex Luthor), slumped over his desk face facing his left (or west), his arms and hands were also on the desk (see diagram 2).

ME Smith has reports on his body placement and the exact measurements of the wounds. Suicide was ruled out by the placement of the wounds, no evidence of gun powder on either of the decadents hands, and no visible weapon. ME Smith, Lt. Brown and I made a clean sweep of the office but was unable to come up with any obvious trace evidence that wasn’t on or directly around the office.

Lionel Luthor’s date book and secretary (Julia Wuhantu) confirmed that Mr. Luthor had no meetings yesterday and was seen alive approximately 4:27pm August 1st when Ms. Wuhantu brought Mr. Luthor coffee, as his request. Ms. Wuhantu buzzed Mr. Luthor on the phone when she left around 5:00pm, and got a verbal response out of the deceased. Ms. Wuhantu reports that nothing seemed out of place that day and that Mr. Luthor did not act outside of what she called “normal behavior” for him.

Upon talking to his eldest son, Lex Luthor, it was confirmed that he had talked to his father that day but noticed nothing out of the ordinary about his father’s behavior. Requests for further questioning was met with no hesitance and granted.

Lex Luthor suggested that his father had a wide list of “enemies” in the corporate world that would benefit from his father’s death although he said nothing about personal enemies that the M.D. should look into. I did not ask, feeling that it might be a sensitive subject at this particular time. Lex Luthor promised to compile a list of corporate entities that could possibly have a reason for Lionel Luthor to die.

Other points of interest: there is one air conditioning grate in the office, above the desk although it appears un-tampered with. While nothing was playing at the time that Mr. Uhandi entered the office (and the lights were off), the stereo was turned on. No one had used the private elevator since Lionel Luthor had used it the morning of the 1st when he arrived to the office (his time of arrival was confirmed by security systems and Ms. Wuhantu). The office had been locked when Mr. Uhandi entered it but the only people with keys are Mr. Luthor, Mr. Lex Luthor and the set that is kept with security.

Personal Notes: There seemed to be no air or shock or surprise among the LuthorCorp personnel (Ms. Wuhantu not counted) and almost none from Lex Luthor. Means nothing but the attitude of the employees is puzzling.

Set To File: August 2nd

Requested to question Lex Luthor. Have not received response.

Set To File: August 3rd

Scheduled August 5th meeting with Lex Luthor

Looking into whereabouts of Lucas Dunleavey (Luthor)

Finished questioning Ms. Wuhantu, security officers, received ME’s preliminary report

Ballistics reports that the bullets were intact and single round 9mm clips, and that the gun was fired with a silencer (unusual metal shavings and grooves embedded in the bullets).

All the tapes from LuthorCorp security show no unusual activity in or around the office the night of Lionel Luthor’s death. A walk through the office proved again fruitless with Lt. Brown, ME Smith but a reinactment of the shooting shows (drawn from the autopsy report) that the shots were fired from up and to east of Mr. Luthor’s chair, approximately where the grate for the air conditioning is.

We removed the plate to the grate but discovered no signs of entry and no evidence that the shooter was able to get in through the conditioning system. ME Smith suggests that if a person was standing on the desk, it might show the same trajectory as if one was firing from the grate in the ceiling.

Lt. Brown and I went over the papers that were on Luthor’s desk at the time of his death and they all appear to be simple leasing contracts with a company (Tucker, Inc.) and in order. Currently, they’re at the ME’s office where we are trying to restage the crime with the blood splatter effect but when we took a look at the pictures taken by forensics and the papers themselves, there’s no apparent sign of shoe markings.

Note: Check into security systems around the electrical systems of LuthorCorp.

Note: Nine millimeter doesn’t seem as professional if looking into a professional killer.

Note: Lucas Dunleavey reported to be in Europe. Inquiries have been made to his offices and his home, requesting a telephone interview.

Note: Brown running a back ground check on office employees, Lucas Dunleavy, members of the LuthorCorp board and Lex Luthor. Funeral on the 8th, Lionel Luthor’s Last Will and Testiment to be read on the 9th.

(Notes end here.)

While my mood pic (click to comment, check out the moodpic) is not what happened to Lionel Luthor, I still think it's damn funny.
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