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Offical Plot And Character Summary

Since Val's had all the fun up until now, I wanted to make this post. If you have any questions, comments or corrections you'd like to make, let us know.

Play on, guys.


On the early morning of August 2nd, Lionel Luthor was found dead in his office at LuthorCorp. It was determined that the cause of death was a coronary due to excessive bodily damage: two bullet wounds to his head.

Although there are numerous security cameras in LuthorCorp, especially around his exterior office area (there are no cameras in his actual office), the video footage shows no one entering or exiting his office after his secretary went home at 5pm on the 1st. The police are sure that he was alive at the time that his secretary left and have no viable suspects in his murder as of now.

In the months since Lionel’s death, Lex Luthor has taken control of LuthorCorp, changing the company’s name to LexCorp and moving it into a different area of industry. These major changes were accomplished within a month of Lionel’s passing, with Lex having the full backing of the Board of Trustees of the now-defunct LuthorCorp. Lex had moved back to Metropolis two years ago to take a higher position at LuthorCorp and kept in touch with the friends he had in Smallville, mostly Clark and Chloe.

Clark Kent is a Sophomore at Metropolis University and works for their paper, the Tribune. He lives on campus with Pete Ross and Wally West, all three of them having been roommates their Freshman year at the University. Clark and Lex still maintain a friendship, as does Clark with Chloe Sullivan although the tenure of his friendships have changed a bit since he was in high school.

Chloe Sullivan is also a Sophomore at Met U and she is currently one of the star reporters for the Tribune moving on from her Wall of Weird type stories into more mainstream news. Despite this, she still has a fondness for her old sci-fi type stories and is still actively interested in strange phenomena. She has kept in touch with Lex Luthor through a very basic correspondence her Senior year of high school and most of her freshman year in college, but the two have become somewhat closer in recent months. Currently, Chloe is living with her cousin Lois Lane in an apartment off campus.

Lois Lane is a Junior at Met U and is also one of the star reporters for the Tribune but her work there has been sheared back due to a spring internship she landed with The Daily Planet. Unfortunately, due to an unknown reason, Lois was stuck in the society page at the beginning of the internship. Being “insulted” in this way, does not sit well with Lois at all.

Lana Lang chose not to go to college the time the rest of her classmates did. Instead, she stayed in Smallville for a year, running and maintaining the Talon. That left her lonely and unsatisfied so she decided to join her peers but instead of applying to Met U, she applied to Metropolis Community College and is a Freshman currently studying graphic arts and is living in an off campus apartment by herself. She has kept up with her friends (Clark, Pete, Lex and Chloe) through email and IM but not on any regular basis.

Wally West is a Sophomore majoring in history and physical education. He is also taking this time in college to decide what he should do about and with his super powers. At the same time, he’s feeling a powerful draw to home and the life he left behind.

Pete Ross is a Sophomore majoring in business. He currently has a spring internship at LexCorp and is also trying to decide what to do with his life. Like Lana, he is at a bit of a loss partially due to the fact that he is unsure of his place in the world and partially that his friendship with Clark has grown somewhat strained because of the time they had spent apart and because he is still and “ordinary Joe”.

After traveling abroad for several years, Bruce Wayne has returned to his hometown of Gotham to take the helm of his family's company, though he still feels unequal to the challenge. As his family has also been important members of Gotham society, Bruce also feels compelled to follow in his parents' philanthropic duties as well as being Wayne Enterprises public face. He has come to Metropolis for a variety of personal and professional reasons, including reconnecting with an old childhood friend, Lex Luthor.

Dick Grayson is a psychology and criminology major at Met U, being sponsored by the Wayne Enterprises to study after he watched one of his closest friends die several years ago. He has parents and an older brother back in Gotham but is trying to make a new life for himself in a new city with the help of his friend, Chloe.

At this time in the case, there are many suspects but no real leads. Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne, Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent and Lois Lane have all begun their own (quiet) investigations into the murder. This does not mean that any of them should be discounted as suspects at any time.

The game now beings January 8th, five months after Lionel’s body was found.
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